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How Roofs and Gutters Work Together to Protect Your Home

A roof is vulnerable without gutters, and gutters are useless without a roof. Buckle up and learn what makes a roof and its gutters a successful duo.

The Purpose of a Roof

The primary purpose of a roof is to keep water out of a home. A roof has layers, and the most vulnerable layer is the decking. The decking is not waterproof, and this is why there is a second layer. This layer consists of shingles. Shingles are overlapped on top of one another on a roof in order to keep water away from the decking.

A roof also protects a home against environmental threats. For example, when the temperature rises outdoors in the summer, the shingles on a roof strategically reflect the heat in order to keep all areas in a home cool and comfortable. In the winter, a roof does the opposite. Instead of blocking heat outdoors, it keeps hot air from a heating system indoors.

Roofing systems can also protect a home during severe weather events. Many homeowners do not believe that a roof can prevent structural damage, but it can in most cases. For instance, if a tree falls on a roof, it will be able to support the tree if it has a solid foundation.

However, a roof’s most important role is to keep intruders out of a home. Pests like squirrels, birds, and insects are always looking for shelter. If these critters make their way onto a vulnerable roof, they will make it their stomping ground.

The Role for Gutters

Gutters serve two purposes. First, they keep leaves and other debris off a roof. Without gutters, these items will remain on a roof, and water will back up in key zones. If any water becomes stagnate on a roof, the decking will eventually rot. Second, when water moves through gutters, it’s directed away from a home. Without gutters, all water will settle in one spot, and it will gradually weaken a home’s foundation.

There are many kinds of gutters, but they all serve the same purpose. One-piece gutters are the most common gutters. The majority of homes in the U.S has these gutters. Two-piece gutters as not as common. They have advanced features, and they will require professional installation.

Leverage the Ultimate Combo

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