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Peaky Animals That Can Destroy a Roof

In every neighborhood, there are critters that can threaten a roofing system. In this guide, you’ll learn all about these critters and how they can harm a roof.


Although birds have easy access to a roof, they are not a threat; the real threat is their droppings. Bird droppings can leave stains on a roof, and they can attract insects and other pests.


Raccoons can destroy roofing systems in two ways. They can tear though shingles with their sharp claws, and they can chew delicate components with their strong teeth.  

Although raccoons are tactical creatures, they have one flaw. They can only reach a roof by climbing up trees in the surroundings. 


When it comes to insects, there are three culprits; they are ants, wasps, and bees. Each of these insects will build nests on a roof by burrowing through any accessible wood structures.   

If you have a roof that’s made of cedar, you should always be on the lookout for bees. Not only can bees tunnel through wood, but they will leave honey in key areas. This can be a big problem because honey will attract wasps, more bees, and ants to your home.


In the world of dangerous pests, no critter can compare to the termite. A swarm of termites will target and destroy cedar shingles, the decking underneath it, a home’s rafters, and the siding.


Rats can wreak havoc on a roof in multiple ways. Because their teeth are so sharp, they can tear through the wood surfaces on a roof with ease. Some rats can even use their teeth to bite through electrical wiring. This can be extremely dangerous because these actions could trigger an electrical fire.    

Second, if many rats make their way to a roof, they will build nests in the drainpipes or in the gutters. If these nests are not removed, they will create clogs, water will back up onto a roofing system, and the materials will eventually rot.

Defend Your Castle

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